Short, Comedy

dir. Sophia Loffreda


When a trio of 10-year-old BFFS find a bag of marijuana on the soccer field after practice, they hatch a foolproof plan to sell the green to their suburban town's fabled drug dealer.

  • Rhode Island International Film Festival, RI

  • New York Television Festival, NY

  • Denver Series Fest, CO

  • Oak Cliff Film Festival, TX

  • Lost River Film Festival, TX

  • Adirondack Film Festival, TX

  • Bechdel Film Festival, TX

  • Berlin Feminist Film Festival, Germany

  • Austin Comedy Film Festival, TX

  • Seriesfest, Denver TV Fetival, CO

  • Female Eye Film Festival

  • Sidewalk Film Festival

  • Jellyfest Film Festival

  • China Women's Feminist Film Festival